Subject: MurderNet Inc
From: (Wes Morgan)
Date: 10 Jan 1997

>> On Mon, 06 Jan 1997 18:48:17 -0800, yesika <> wrote:
>> >i got your names down
>> >Majordomo will gun you down

Let's see, that looks like an intro to me...I think I'll try my hand at rap this time...

The Spammer's Rap

Chorus: Yo! I got your names down
        The 'Domo's gonna gun you down
        Emails on the hour
        Gonna fill up your disk tower
        'Till you open your box
        And my ads blow off your socks...

SFX: <thumpa><thumpa><fzzzzz><thumpa><thumpa><fzzzzz>

Verse:  Went down to the Usenet
        And I went through all the groups
        Then I piled up the addresses
        Just to put 'em in the loop;
        I stuck 'em in my mailer
        And I sent it on its way
        Now MurderNet is gonna fill
        Your emailbox today...

[Repeat Chorus]

SFX: <thumpa><thumpa><fzzzzz><thumpa><thumpa><fzzzzz>

Verse:  I got the products ev'rybody
        Wants to hear about,
        Chemicals and herbs that keep
        Your hair from falling out;
        Load of Russian fiances,
        And nudies by the score,
        How to cheat at college,
        Calling cards and SO MUCH MORE!

[Repeat Chorus]

SFX: <thumpa><thumpa><fzzzzz><thumpa><thumpa><fzzzzz>

Verse:  Now ev'rybody's dissing me
        They just ain't got no sense
        I got a *right* to send my garbage
        I don't need to make amends;
        The people who complain,
        They just don't know what it's about;
        Gonna put 'em in my mailings
        So now ev'rybody shout:

[Repeat Chorus/SFX and fade ]
Voiceover: Response rate of .002 - that rules!
           Another hundred thousand going down the pipe right now...
             but what do I do with all this minoxidil?
           Man, this is wack...maybe I need to send out more ads...

--Wes "the Bard of /bin" Morgan

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