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Responsible Anti-spam Sites - Letter P

Pacific Bell Internet Services (?? ??? ????)
AUP: Acceptable Use Policy
Abuse contact: abuse@pbi.net

Pacific Bell is known for killing accounts of users who spam from their systems.

Pair Networks (25 Dec 1996)
AUP: System Policies

Pair prohibits e-mail and Usenet spamming.

ParkAve.Net (9 Nov 1996)

ParkAve.net has an AUP forbidding spam and is documented to have acted on it.

PCI Systems, Inc. (8 Feb 1998)
AUP: Subscriber Agreement
Abuse contact: abuse@pcisys.net

PCI Systems has forbidden relaying through their systems and cancels the account of anyone who spams.

Pentrel Corporation (22 Mar 1998)
AUP: Pentrel Internet AUP
Abuse contact: abuse@pentrel.com

Pentrel does not allow customers to spam and won't allow customers to spam from elsewhere and use their Pentrel accounts as dropoffs. They also have filtering in place.

Pentrel's CEO is also a member of SPAM-L and they are an organizational member of CAUCE.

PHIX-Net Communications, Inc. (27 Dec 1997)
Abuse contact: abuse@phix.com

PHIX-Net blocking incoming spams based on IP address or domain name. Users who spam from PHIX-Net will have their accounts terminated and risk the possibility of being slapped. :-)

Pobox (31 Jan 1999)
AUP: The Pobox FAQ
Abuse contact: abuse@pobox.com

Pobox offers anti-spam services and mail filtering to their customers. They also have a simple FAQ that tells how to read headers in an e-mail

PolarNet (13 Aug 1997)
AUP: E-mail Spam Policy
Abuse contact: abuse@polarnet.com

PolarNet is happy to delete the accounts of spammers but as of yet has not had to do so. They also offer to install spam filtering software on user accounts.

PowerSite Internet Services, Inc. (2 May 1998)
AUP: Powersite's AUP
Abuse contact: abuse@powersite.net

Powersite has disabled relaying and has a "kill list" of known spammer domains.

PowerUp Internet (12 Jun 1999)
Other domain names: webcentral.com.au
AUP: Terms and Conditions
Abuse contact: abuse@powerup.com.au

Relaying has been disabled and PowerUp has a strong AUP that prohibits spamming as well as spamvertising from other sites.

Primenet (2 Nov 1996)
AUP: Acceptable Use Policy
Abuse contact: abuse@primenet.com

They are highly responsive - one of the first and best anti-spam sites. Their Terms of Service holds their resellers responsible for the behavior of their customers, a key point.

Prodigy (6 Oct 1996)

Prodigy has been making efforts to control outbound spam, and their staff has joined the anti-spam list.

ProHosting (12 Feb 1999)
AUP: No-Spam Policy
Abuse contact: abuse@prohosting.com

Pro-Hosting has a zero tolerance policy for spam, they won't let their users spam nor will they let users spamvertise their websites through other ISPs. They also charge $100 per complaint that they receive.

Provide Net (4 Apr 1998)
AUP: The Provide Net AUP
Abuse contact: abuse@provide.net

Provide Net has disabled relaying, prevents dialups from connecting to port 25 on other networks, and requires valid DNS names on incoming e-mail.

PSINet (22 Nov 1997)
Other domain names: psi.com, interramp.com
AUP: PSI Net Abuse Policy
Abuse contact: abuse@psi.net

PSI Net, which used to be a big haven for spammers, has really turned things around. They now have excellent response times, and take swift action against spammers who abuse their systems. Their AUP also has provisions against spammers setting up accounts with them for dropboxes and they do enforce this as well.

Public Access Networks (Panix) (3 Feb 1999)
Other domain names: access.net
AUP: Rules of Use
Abuse contact: abuse@panix.com

Panix does not tolerate net-abuse, including unsolicited mass mailings. In a nice touch, they include "negative option" subscriptions (where the recipient must send a message to stop getting mail) on the disallowed list.

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