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Responsible Anti-spam Sites - Letter I

I-conn (4 July 1997)
AUP: i-conn User Agreement
Abuse contact: abuse@iconn.net

i-conn terminates spamming customers without notice and filters incoming e-mail against known spammers. They also have installed the anti-relaying sendmail patches. i-conn also has a very strong postition against spam.

I.D. Internet Direct Ltd. (3 Apr 1999)
AUP: About Us
Abuse contact: spam-abuse@idirect.com

Internet Direct blocks e-mail sites that are open relays. They are also the first ISP in Canada to win an injunction against a spammer.

IBM Israel (12 Jan 1997)

IBM Israel has recently instituted a comprehensive and open-ended anti-network-abuse policy.

Idiom Consulting (30 Nov 1996)
AUP: Idiom Consulting: Prices

The one time someone spammed from Idiom, the backup sysadmin noticed and killed the account before the queue had drained (and removed 11,000 messages from the queue unsent).

IDT (26 Aug 1997)
AUP: IDT Internet AUP
Abuse contact: abuse@idt.net

Having paid the price in hosed servers due to spam, IDT has implemented an AUP and will not tolerate spamming from its subscribers.

IHUG (21 Oct 1999)
AUP: The Internet Group, Terms and Conditions
Abuse contact: abuse@ihug.co.nz

In addition to having yet another AUP that is easy to read, IHUG also explains why they block open relays.

Impulse Data, Inc. / AZ Digital Enterprises, Inc. (7 Jun 1998)
Other domain names: azdigital.com
AUP: Impulse Data AUP
Abuse contact: abuse@impulsedata.net

Relaying is disabled, and spam complaints are dealt with in under 24 hours.

Inet OnlLine Services (IOLS) (23 Sep 1999)
AUP: IOLS Customer Usage Terms of Service
Abuse contact: abuse@iols.net

Violating IOLS's spam policy results in immediate account termination and a $500 fine.

InfiNet (13 Aug 1997)
AUP: InfiNet Policies
Abuse contact: abuse@infi.net

InfiNet will not tolerate e-mail or Usenet spamming from their subscribers.

Infobeat (7 Nov 1998)
AUP: Statement of Integrity
Abuse contact: spamabuse@infobeat.com

Infobeat, (formerlly known as Mercury Mail) does mass e-mail the way it should be done, through opt-in mailing lists! With 1.5 million subscribers, Infobeat sends out roughly 5 million e-mails per day. This rivals even the late Cyberpromo, expect that the recipients want the e-mail. :-)

Infoboard Internet Services (13 Aug 1997)
AUP: Infoboard Policies
Abuse contact: rob@infoboard.com

Infoboard has set their mailservers to prevent any relaying.

Infonet Services Corporation (28 June 1999)
AUP: Accpetable Use Policy
Abuse contact: abuse@infonet.com

Infonet providers corporate customers with network connectivity and in addition to pursuing spammers, they attempt to educate their customers on the proper use of e-mail, a definite plus!

Innovative Network Technologies (21 Dec 1997)
AUP: Innovative Network Technologies AUP
Abuse contact: abuse@inti.net

Innovative Network Technologies has disabled relaying on their SMTP server and also blocks mail from spamming sites.

InReach Internet (28 Nov 1997)
AUP: InReach Internet: AUP
Abuse contact: postmater@inreach.com

InReach doesn't tolerate spamming, either to or by their members.

Insync Internet Services (21 Dec 1997)
AUP: Insync System Abuse Policy
Abuse contact: abuse@insync.net

Insync does not allow their users to spam or to promote their websites through spams. They have also turned off relaying and offer filtering services to their users upon request.

InterAccess Co. (27 Apr 1998)
AUP: Service Agreement
Abuse contact: abuse@interaccess.com

InterAccess has "1 warning" policy, after the first warning, accounts are suspended for sending out spam. They also have disabled relaying and their AUP states that spammers may be charged up to $20,000. (Ouch!)

Internet America (10 May 1997)

Internet America does not allow their users to spam, and has a representative on SPAM-L.

Internet Channel (22 Mar 1998)
AUP: Internet Channel's AUP
Abuse contact: abuse@inch.com

Internet Channel blocks relaying and also educates their leased line customers on how to do the same. They also report spammers that they have booted to other ISPs in the area.

Internet Communications of America (16 Sep 1997)
AUP: Terms and Conditions
Abuse contact: security@icanect.net

Icanect has disabled relaying for their servers, as well as blocking domain names and IP addresses of known spammers.

Internet Direct (24 Dec 1996)

Abuse contact: support@goodnet.com

Internet Direct has strict anti-spam policies in place for business and personal clients as well as for web-hosted customers. They've sold their dial-up business; complaints about users at indirect.com should be forwarded to support@goodnet.com.

Internet Now, Inc. (24 Feb 1999)
AUP: Acceptable Use
Abuse contact: abuse@inetnow.net

In addition to having an AUP that specifically mentions spam, there are reports that Internet Now has nuked spammers and that they have also merged with Verio, another White Hat.

Internet Portal Services (29 Aug 1997)
AUP: Internet Portal AUP
Abuse contact: abuse@portal.ca

In addition to not permitting their users to send spam, Internet Portal blocks e-mail from spamming domains as well as domains which refuse to take action against spamming customers.

Internet Servers Incorporated (12 May 1997)
AUP: Virtual Server Contract
Abuse contact: abuse@iserver.com

Internet Servers Inc. aids their users by having installed software so that users can control where they receive mail from.

Internex Information Systems, Inc. (28 Jun 1997)
Abuse contact: abuse@internex.net

Internex gives one warning to spammers and then shuts off their account if they spam again.

Interpath (12 May 1997)
AUP: Interpath: Acceptable Use Policy

Interpath will remove users who spam.

ISite Services (1 Feb 1998)
AUP: ISite Policy of Acceptable Use
Abuse contact: abuse@isite.net

ISite has disabled relaying and subscribes to the MAPS RBL. They also charge $100 for e-mail spamming and $50 for Usenet spamming.

Island Net (17 Jan 1998)
AUP: Island Net T&CC
Abuse contact: abuse@islandnet.com

Island Net has disabled relaying on their servers, and will pull the plug on customer web or FTP sites that are spamvertised. Island Net also offers Personal E-Mail Processing, which customers can use as a spam filter.

ISO Virtual Web Hosting & Design (7 Nov 1998)
AUP: ISO Abuse Policy
Abuse contact: abuse@isonline.com

ISO Virtual Web Hosting & Design has spam blocking in place on their mailservers to block spam by domains and IP's as well as utilizing Vixie's Realtime Blackhole List (RBL). As a Web Hosting company, ISO Virtual Web Hosting & Design does not allow spamvertising of a customer's website.

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