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Responsible Anti-spam Sites - Letter H

HAL 9000 (27 Dec 1997)
AUP: HAL9K.COM System Abuse Policy
Abuse contact: abuse@hal9k.com

HAL 9000 has disabled relaying and uses IP blocking against spammers.

Halden.net (21 Mar 1999)
Abuse contact: postmaster@halden.net

Spamming from a halden.net account means automatic shutdown of the account.

Note: The AUP is in Norwegian, thanks goes to Andreas Bergstrøm for the translation.

HalHiNet (22 Nov 1997)
AUP: HalHiNet Spam Page
Abuse contact: abuse@halhinet.on.ca

HalHiNet prevents relaying through their systems and also uses address validation on both incoming and outgoing messages. They also block e-mail from known spam domains.

Harbor Communications (27 Dec 1997)
AUP: HarborCom TOS
Abuse contact: abuse@harborcom.net

HarborCom has disabled relaying on their systems and subscribes to the MAPS RBL.

HempNet (4 July 1997)
AUP: Policies and Terms of Service
Abuse contact: robert@hemp.net

As their own mailing lists were recently spammed, Hempnet is now very strict about anyone who might spam from their system.

Highlands Internet (13 Dec 1997)
AUP: Highlands Internet AUP
Abuse contact: abuse@hinet.net.au

Highlands prevents relaying and also has a nice anti-spam page at http://www.hinet.net.au/users/spamflame.html. (What other ISP brags about how many spams they've filtered? ;-)

Hiway Technologies, Inc. (27 Dec 1997)
AUP: Hiway Technologies AUP
Abuse contact: abuse@hway.net

Hiway blocks relaying and blocks IP addresses of various spamming domains.

HoboNet Internet Service (2 Apr 1998)
AUP: Subscriber Agreement
Abuse contact: webmaster@funtv.com

Spamming from a HoboNet account is grounds for immediate termination without refund.

Hotmail (26 Aug 1997)
AUP: Hotmail Terms of Service
Abuse contact: abuse@hotmail.com

Since Hotmail offers free e-mail, they are particularly attractive to spammers who are looking to use a return address on their spams. However, Hotmail does not tolerate this and will nuke spammers' accounts without mercy.

HotPOP (14 Apr 1999)
AUP: Terms of Service
Abuse contact: abuse@hotpop.com

HotPOP is a free POP email provider focused on targetted opt-in only emailing. They don't allow anonymous relay, as they use a POP-before-SMTP solution to assure that only members can send email. HotPOP will nuke any account involved in spamming. They also have a webpage that discusses header reading.

Hull Technologies (10 Apr 1999)
AUP: Acceptable Use Policy
Abuse contact: abuse@tekhullogy.com

They do not relay or allow their users to do so.

Hurricane Electric (20 Jun 1999)
AUP: Terms of Service for Web Accounts
Abuse contact: abuse@he.net

Hurricane Electric has been involved with the anti-spam movement for quite some time, ever since one of their clients was revenge spammed. They also will terminate any customer who spamvertises their website from another ISP.

Hypercon, Inc. (5 May 1999)
AUP: Subscription and Use Agreement
Abuse contact: email-abuse@hypercon.com

Hypercon expressly prohibits spamming and charges $5.00 per recipient that a spam is sent to.

HyperMart (21 Feb 1999)
AUP: HyperMart: Spam Policy
Abuse contact: abuse@hypermart.net

In addition to having a strongly worded AUP and removing spammers with no warning, HyperMart tracks IP addresses of their members and blocks the IPs of those members who repeatedly sign up and abuse accounts.

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