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Controlling Usenet spam

How you block Usenet spam depends on what news server software you use. If you use INN version 1.4unoff2 or higher, you can block news spam very simply. Just add the name of a spamming site to the ME line in your newsfeeds file. For example:

ME/badsite.com [...etc...]

Tsuneo Tanaka has contributed another patch to INN 1.4unoff4 that performs very flexible filtering of the news stream. This patch is very likely not appropriate for full feed sites, but would be useful for leaf sites with a partial feed.

If you run C News or another news server, you will have to get your feed sites to block the spam for you. This time, the entry is added on their side in the newsfeeds or sys file. For example:

spamhater/badsite.com [...etc...]

If you use commercially supported news software, request your vendor to provide local blocking as an enhancement.

The NoCeM Protocol is a useful tool for controlling spam in your news spool.

Chris Lewis has a significant amount of experience in assisting ISPs and providers deal with detecting, controlling and eradicating Usenet spam. He offers this assistance free, and he can be reached at clewis@ferret.ocunix.on.ca> He has also contributed his perl scripts artcancel and spamfind for cancelling Usenet spam.

Rich Salz has supplied a Usenet Death Penalty script and Peter da Silva has a TCL Mini NNTP UDP Bot for INN.

If you use the Cyclone NewsRouter, simply add the site to your "DefaultIncomingPathFilter" directive in your cyclone.conf. For example:

DefaultIncomingPathFilter  !*, *.badsite1.com, news.badsite2.com,
In addition, all of HighWind Software's products support customizable Anti- SPAM filters. See the bCandid, formerly Highwind Software Anti-Spam Page for details and a list of available filters.

See also Cleanfeed and NNRP.

Scott Hazen Mueller / E-mail me